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This harmonising, vintage trio are the talk of the town and their hip wiggling performances have left audiences in a frenzy all over the country. A ravishing mix of class, sass and fun with voices any lark would envy. These ladies are set to take the world by storm and pour you a tumbler of terrific times to remember.

The Whiskey Sours offer sublime, musical entertainment for every occasion. 

Introducing the singing sensations that will leave you crying out for more.

Breaking News

The Whiskey Sours are currently performing as a duo while Elle is on maternity leave.

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Hollywood Style 

Five star all the way for the Sour girls. They sure know how to party in style, now and then these jaw dropping beauties have been known to dine with some of Hollywood's top celebrities. Only last week the trio who hail from Oxted, Surrey, were spotted schmoozing with one Ms Monroe in one of Vegas's high end establishments. You can bet it was an evening of sassy smiles and cocktails.

Don't underestimate these sweet Surrey ladies they mean business. The harmonising Whiskey Sours trio are dominating the scene so we're pretty sure we'll be seeing a lot more of the Sour Gals on the front page.

What a Year!

2020 who knew? Well there is light at the end of this tunnel and The Whiskey Sours are back. We missed you and we look forward to performing once again. So look out guys and dolls as The Whiskey may be heading your way, be sure to keep a watchful eye on our LISTINGS. 

See you soon darlings xxx