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Mariam, aka ‘Molly’ first entered the world of music when she was given a violin for her fifth birthday. As a regular on the Medway folk scene, she started playing with local musicians and performing at folk events such as the Rochester Sweeps Festival, and numerous venues with local rock  and folk bands. It was here that she discovered her voice doing backing vocals in an all-female rock band, Purple Haze.

Molly's passion turned to singing, and her love of ‘story telling’ and acting led her to audition and gain a place at the  London School of Musical Theatre. She went on to workshop several new musicals and, in 2006, performed at the Edinburgh Festival in Michael Bruce’s original musical "Hey Diddle Diddle".

Molly was also a regular on the  London cabaret circuit where she was proud to have performed at the infamous "Madame JoJo’s" . She also co-produced and performed in an original cabaret as part of Decadence Productions at venues such as The Battersea Barge, The Cellar Door and  the Volupte Lounge.

In March 2014, she and Surrey based guitarist, Martin Mickels, formed their own acoustic duo Moonshine & Molly, allowing them to combine their shared love of blues, rock and folk music, with Molly’s passion for cabaret and the theatrical, to create a unique entertainment experience..."Eccentric and beautiful  rock 'n' roll".

Molly is an original member of The Whiskey Sours along with Elle.

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Elle has been singing from a very early age performing for all of her toys and friends on a daily basis. Taking part in musicals and plays throughout her school years, enjoying the performing and singing, and assisting backstage with props/costumes etc, but soon realised that theatre was not where she belonged and that singing was her real desire.

She started jamming with friends from the age of 18, and was encouraged by her family to apply to a music course. In 2002 she registered at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, studying contemporary vocals, music theory and harmony, live performance, aural perception, technical studies and business. Elle qualified with a merited Higher Diploma and moved to South London.

Elle went on to provide session vocals for artists, recording lead and backing vocals, gigging with local groups and attending any and every open mic night she could get to. She joined the team at UpTempo music shop in 2008, working the shop floor and teaching. Shortly after this she and her family moved to Oxted.

In 2009 she assisted Matt in creating and setting up Idol Hands Music & Design Ltd, and soon after began teaching performance and vocals. From here Elle has continued her work as a session singer, recording vocals for Moonshine & Molly’s debut album Timeline, delivering backing vocals for local bands Randy & the Rockets and Moonshine & Molly.

Elle is one of the original memebers of the Whiskey Sours, along with Molly.

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Lora Jayne Green is a singer and songwriter who has had the pleasure of performing in different bands across the UK.Since she was 15 years old, Lora Jayne has worked in different recording studios with multi-platinum selling producers, writers and musicans both nationally and internationally.


With heavy influences from an eclectic music library of Pop’s writing legends such as The Beatles and Michael Jackson, vocalists like Christina Aguilera and Imelda May and musicianship Rock Gods, Fleetwood Mac, Royal Blood Lora Jayne lives for good music.


From these influences, Lora Jayne houses a versatile, distinctive voice and has penned a few songs which have been released across the globe. That being said, she always gravitates back to the vintage era; with a great love for the sound, the close harmonies and the style, it’s no wonder Lora Jayne has jumped at the opportunity to sing with the wonderful The Whiskey Sours and feels right at home.

Lora Jayne

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