Computer Replaces The Typewriter

Will the computer replace the typewriter? Experts say we won't need to get our fingers dirty anymore changing a ribbon. Computers are the next big thing and they certainly are big. What is a computer? I hear you say! It's a large box that allows you to type out letters but this one you plug into your electric socket... We talked to 'Woz' from the inside and he thinks someday we will have one in every home.
Sounds like crazy talk to me.   

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Oxted Is The Place To Be

Where is Oxted? Not far from London just a hop and a skip, near enough south of London. Oxted is a beautiful little village in the heart of Surrey. Surrounded by farmland  and woodland, with many fields a plenty you can breath in  the pure countryside air which may smell a bit!.

This picturesque place is the home to the exquisite harmonising trio, who we all know and love as 'The Whiskey Sours'. Clearly a musical minded village filled with talent throughout.     

Where Are We? 

The Vintage Trio are from sunny Oxted, Surrey.

Take a peek at the map below, you can zoom in and out